1985 Suzuki RG400

Suzuki introduced the RG500 Gamma in 1984 and the following year they produced a 400cc derivative, known as the RG400. The RG400 was also developed and produced alongside the 500. This machine appeared identical to its bigger brother in every way, making use of the same frame, suspension, and gearbox. However, the main differences between the two were a reduced bore width (50mm instead of 56mm) with power output reduced to 59 bhp, different big end roller bearings (some roller less),clutch disks unit, front brakes (non floating ones),silencers, and 'RG400' stickers on the fairings.

The RG400 was produced and sold within the Asian markets - it's 400cc capacity and 59 hp output was in compliance with then-current Japanese law, none were made for export purposes, and production ran only 2 seasons making them somewhat rare.


This RG400 offered is in excellent condition, mechanically and in appearance and has a CLEAR North Carolina title.


  • Year - 1985

  • Mileage -  18,500 miles (29 800 km)

  • New Battery

  • New paint and decals

  • Fully reconditioned forks with new inner fork tubes, seals, oil and decals. (See pictures)

  • New accelerator cables (4) and new oil pump cable

  • New Zero Gravity screen

  • Many rusted bolts and nuts were replaced with new stainless steel fasteners

  • New Suzuki handlebar grips (Correct items for this model)

  • New OEM foam gauge surround

  • Front and rear tires in very good condition

  • Chain and sprockets good condition

Included with the bike:

  1. New seat covers for both seats

  2. Original RG500/400 passenger seat

  3. Four full sets of performance carburetor jets and needles for performance tuning at different altitudes. These are very difficult to find and also very expensive!

  4. Original screen

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